Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday's Paul has far to go...

I've got no cohesion in my thought process. My mind is flitting from subject to subject like a hummingbird which is making it very dificult to write anything of sense.

So perhaps this post should be like a mini-mix. Snippets of what's going on up there spewed out for your delight. I'm tired, I was out last night with a great guy I used to work with and we sank many Guinesses (guiness? like sheep and sheep?, guinai? surely not?). We spoke of many things; parenthood, work, football, oysters.

By God I love tea, it's got to be the very best of everything, my cup is now pitched at exactly the right temperature and the milk tea ratio is bang on.

Oh, an email, and some actual work to do.

What does everyone want for christmas? Isn't life easier now I've adopted Wife's families present method, it's simple and it ensure's enjoyment at the end of the process, "what do you want?" is all it takes, so much easier than the sneaky remembered hints dropped in June. I can barely remember last week.

Why on earth am I listening to this shouty music? It's not bad actually, and it's keeping me slighty focussed.

Crikey what a flap, thank god that's over.

So you see this is what I'm faced with when attempting to be creative with a hangover, note to self: less booze during the week.

Ta ra.


Blogger phil said...

No drinks in week, less drinks in week, ooops drank in week.

I agree I'm back at the no drinking in the week milestone.

2:44 AM  

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